Sunday 3/28/2008

I'm terrible at this keeping wiki's updated thing. I have been blogging more and Nvigorate has gone through some additional design iterations. I'm working on some feature lists, API docs and examples so this wiki should actually start seeing new content.

Sunday 7/27/2008

Hard to believe it's been a year since I've updated this wiki. The good news is that the project isn't dead, but there have been a lot of changes. For starters, I'm now hosting the project at codeplex. I also have a new blog where Nvigorate related topics will start popping up:

Friday 7/13/2007

Redesign Time

The good news is that by using a new library called PostSharp and moving to the 3.5 version of the framework, Nvigorate will have some very impressive capabilities. The bad news is that I'll have to temporarly drop Mono support and that it will take me a lot longer to develop 2.0 alternatives to some of the functionality. In otherwords, 2.0 development is taking a far back seat.

In light of all these changes the design has been changing a lot as well. Hopefully, I'll be making detailed changes to documentation and diagrams shortly.

Wednesday 5/30/2007

New source coming soon

Well, since the last time I posted I've been in the process of moving (and painting the new place). My honey-do list is nearly completed and so I hope to get back to devoting serious time to Nvigorate. I've been working the bugs out of the Data namespace, I hope to do a new update/code update very soon. In the meantime, I will also try to go back through the documentation here and try to flesh out the designs so that I can actually hand off pieces to those who'd like to participate.

Thursday, 5/3/2007

What's Happening?

Some of us on the Nvigorate team have been going through time consuming stuff which is keeping us from working on Nvigorate as much as we would like. I've actually just started a new job and I'm having to dedicated a lot of extra time ramping up there. Have no fear though, Nvigorate is not dead.

Bugs, bugs and more bugs

I've been working hard trying to get all the bugs worked out of the Data namespace. Because I implemented several changes in the code base from my old framework, I made some pretty sloppy errors. It's going to take a while, but I will post here as soon as I can get it working well enough for a commit.

Sourceforge bug tracking and task organization

Team, we need to start making use of the tracker when possible. I realize that's pretty hard considering there's not a lot to test against or with, but if any of you comes across problems/errors please e-mail them to me or enter them into the tracker on Sourceforge. We also need to start trying to communicate more regularly about who will be working on what and how our individual efforts are progressing.

Wednesday 3/27/2007

New Source!!!

I've just finished committing my most recent changes to Nvigorate. The Reflection and Data namespaces are nearly complete and I've been busy with design and (some) implementation work on the Relational namespace.

Project Tasks!!!

If you check out the sourceforge site for the project you'll find that I've begun putting in generalized task descriptions. This is (in the hopes) that I'll start getting some real participants who want to help with the evaluation, development, testing and research. No matter what your speciality, please consider joining the effort. If nothing else, you can always participate in the forum :)


I've opened recruiting for positions via If you don't see the requests, get an account for sourceforge and send me an e-mail (moc.liamg|anihcamxexela#moc.liamg|anihcamxexela) and I'll get you added to the project.

Site Updates

I've made some changes to the roadmap and namespaces. Because I'm working on so many things at once, I'm afraid this wiki is suffering a bit. Perhaps someone would like to help me maintain it? :)

Wednesday 3/14/2007

Site Updates

I've put up the first complete UML diagram which lays out the interfaces for the Transport namespace. You can see the diagram under the Nvigorate.Transport namespace page in the Design section. There are a lot more in the works at the moment, but take a look at what's there and let me know what you think.

Source Code

The first iteration of source code for the Nvigorate.Data namespace is nearly completed and should be released in the next week or so (check this page to see when). The code update will also include the UML diagrams that I'm working on.


If you'd like to help with nunit tests, proof of concepts, documentation or site administration please send an e-mail to moc.liamg|anihcamxexela#moc.liamg|anihcamxexela, if nothing else, participate in the forums!

Thursday 3/8/2007

Site Updates

I've just discovered that posting any serious amount of source on the wiki is a tad unrealistic, the ajax can't handle the amount of data (at least, that's what appears to be happening). But I have good news, read on!


SourceForge approved my project request earlier this morning, and I have the SVN repository setup. I will post the SVN's URL and directions for getting the source later on once it's "stable".

Here's what you can expect to get when pulling down the source; since we only get one repository and SVN does not support modules, both Nvigorate and Nvigorate.Testing projects are included in one directory. There may be a better way to do this (i'm up for suggestions) but it will support as many projects and solutions as we need as long as we keep them under a central folder and that folder maps to the nvigorate repository.

Wednesday 2/28/2007

Site Updates

The Architecture & Design section has been started and hopefully you can start getting a feel for where this framework is headed in the near future as well as the approaches/mindset used in designing Nvigorate.

Source News

While the design for the Reflection namespace isn't complete, you can take a look at the feature list. Technical specifications will soon follow. The code itself (which mostly prexisted this framework) has been brought up to coding guideline compliance and I'm now in the process of finishing NUnit tests.

Tuesday 2/27/2007

Site Updates

The Coding Guidelines section is starting to come together. While it's all still a work in progress, start looking over it and voice your opinions in the forum. Soon I should have a road map page started which will show the order of all the items that are being worked on. You'll need to sign up with wikidot (free and easy process) in order to make posts to the forum. If that's too much work, shoot me an e-mail: moc.liamg|anihcamxexela#moc.liamg|anihcamxexela.

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