Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why start another project like this when there are already other open source frameworks available?
A: I was disappointed by what many other projects had to offer. The design approach I intend to follow should yield a cleaner architecture that offers users a lot more flexibility and extensibility with (hopefully) a smaller blue-print.

Q: What kind of content will be on this wiki?
A: Everything feature lists, road map, how-tos and API documentation.

Q: Why not offer support for 2.0?
A: While I had originally wanted to release a 2.0 version, a lot of time has passed and lambdas and other 3.0/3.5 features have made such a tremendous impact on my development style that going back doesn't add up for me.

Q: Originally billed this as a Mono and .Net framework, why drop Mono?
A: While Mono does have an extension which supports LINQ (called Olive), I don't think PostSharp will work against Mono assemblies. I may address this after I've had more time to research it.

Q: What languages will the framework be written in?
A: C#

Q: Is there a time line for release?
A: I'm hoping to have a stable release by late April.

Q: Why isn't the new code up on CodePlex?
A: It's half-baked. Currently a lot of unit tests are passing and a good bit of functionality is in place, but enough is missing or broken that I'm concerned people may try to use the code, get frustrated and not try again when it's fixed.

Q: Any plans to support C# 4.0?
A: Definitely. I hope to release some additional usability features which will make interesting use of the IDynamicObject interface.

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