Project Information

Statement of Purpose

To build a clean, flexible, and robust framework with a BSD style license for the 3.5 .Net Framework.

Source Code

The project is now hosted at CodePlex (TFS integration FTW)

Developer Documentation

I'm currently attempting to rework the documentation, once that's closer I'll probably host it at sharplearningcurve.com.

Project Background

I have a foundational class library of my own which I started shortly after learning the .Net framework. It has been my experience that projects which start with a pre-existant foundation fair better. The application itself is much cleaner because the developers are not concerned with re-creating or re-packaging source code which provides common functionality. My own library has received positive feedback from others who have had time to look at it, however, it does still need work.

Instead of keeping it to myself and running the risk that there are certain aspects of the library which could be done better, I'd like to turn the library into an open source project for collaboration. So, whether you're just looking for an open source library to help you in your own development, interested in the methodologies used on this project or want to lend your experience, suggestions and/or coding talents, I hope this project will be largely beneficial,

- Alex Robson

About this wiki

This wiki will serve as the primary source for all design documentation and collaboration for this project. The forum is the best place to give suggestions, input and constructive criticisms. If you'd like to help with design, documentation and/or wiki maintenance e-mail me at asrobson AT gmail.com.

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